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A Good Student Essay In English

A Good Student Essay  In English & urdu
A Good Student Essay  In English & urdu
A Good Student Essay - A Good Student Essay  In English 2023

Does not waste time ... shows its performance.

Duties. - A good moral character obedient and

Hardworking ... not selfish ----- helps others -----

The shining star --- knows his responsibilities --- never.

Lying .... dutiful ..--- Respecting the elders.

A good student is one who does not waste his time. He is dedicated to his studies. They Performs his duties honestly. She is clean. It should be good. Habits He must have good morals. She is obedient and hardworking. she is Honest and healthy. He is not a bookworm. We participate in sports. Not a good student selfish.

 He helps others. He is the shining star of his country. He loves it Teachers and classmates. A good student knows his responsibilities well. 

He tries to be the asset of the country. He avoids bad company. He always gets good position in exams. He never lies, everyone who sees him likes him. He is always responsible, He is merciful and compassionate. He respects the elders and loves the younger ones. He is always smiling.

A Good Student Essay In Urdu 2023

A Good Student Essay In Urdu

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