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Search Engine Optimization Course free - Types of SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization - SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, an exercise in increasing the number and quality of traffic to your website through organic program results.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

To understand the true meaning of SEO, let's break down this definition and show it in sections:

Traffic quality You will attract visitors from all over the world, but if they are coming to your site because Google tells them that you are a resource for Apple computers when you are really an apple seller, then this is standard traffic. do not have. Instead, you'll want to attract visitors who are genuinely curious about the products you're offering.

The amount of traffic. Once you find the right people to click through to the program's results pages (SERPs), more traffic is best.

Organic results. The structure of ads is a big part of many SERPs. Organic traffic is any traffic you don't need to buy.

How SEO Works

You can think of the Inquiry Engine as an Internet site where you go to type (or talk) a problem in a box and Google, Yahoo !, Bing, or whatever program you use magically. The answers are given along with an extended list of links to web pages. Possibly answer your question.

It is true. But have you ever wondered what's behind these magical lists of links?

Here's how it works: Google (or whatever program you're using) features a crawler that goes out and collects information about all the content found on the web. Crawlers return all 1s and 0s to the program to create an index. This index is then fed through an algorithm that tries to combine all this data with your query.

There are many things that go into the inquiry engine algorithm, and here is how a giggle of experts rated their importance:

Google still searches for keywords on your site to match the search queries it runs. From his white paper on "How Search Works":

"Next, the algorithm analyzes the content of the web pages to determine if the page contains information that may be relevant to what you are looking for.

Full Form of SEO : Search Engine Optimization

Types of SEO

3 Different Types Of SEO And How StudioHawk Covers Your SEO World With All Of These.

On Page SEO:

On-page SEO - Anything on your web pages, blogs, product copy, web copy.

Off Page SEO:

Off-page SEO, anything that is far from your website that helps backlinks to your SEO strategy.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO, any technical work done to improve search rankings - Site index for help with boot crawling.

What is on-page SEO:

Short answer is all the copies on your web pages that help you rank. SEO tweaked blog content, title tags, image alt-tags, internal links between related content.

The most basic indication is that the information is relevant when a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query. If those keywords appear on the page, or if they appear in the headings or body of the text, the information is more likely to be relevant. In addition to simple keyword matching, we use aggregate and anonymous interaction data to test whether search results are relevant to queries. We convert this data into signals that help us better assess the compatibility of our machine-learned systems.

What is Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO strategies are actions taken away from your website. Things we can do for you where we are not changing the content on your pages.

The biggest component of off-page SEO is backlinks. This is where external websites, which are related to your business and have a good page authority, put a link on their site that goes back to you. Through this process Google transfers some of its page authority to your website, thus increasing your Google's SERP.

Other off-page SEO may include:

Social Media Marketing

Guest blogging.

Brand building.

If you have great content but no rank, you may lose pages that are as good as yours.

What is technical SEO:

Russ Jones of Moz says "any substantial technical action taken to improve search results"

Technical SEO involves indexing your site in a way that makes it easier for Google's web bots to crawl and index your site.

Want to know how Google crawls your site?

More technical SEO may include reducing the image file size on your site (technically on page SEO), so your web page loads faster.

This includes optimizing your website for mobile use. Google now wants this metric for page ranking because many people are using mobile devices to search and navigate the web.

How does StudioHawk help you with technical SEO?

We report on broken links, site architecture, and XML site mapping, to show how you can make your site better for Google bots, and make people feel better. To do when they come to your page.

We can also help you with website migration, to make sure your new site is structured according to Google Bots, so that they can index you and rank you quickly.

What are the most important SEO factors for 2022?

According to the Guru Hack Scale website, Google's 10 SEO ranking factors for 2022 

High-quality relevant content – On-Page SEO

Solid Keyword Strategy –     Off-Page SEO

Trustworthy and Secure Site- Technical SEO

High-Quality Backlinks –       Off-page SEO

Mobile Friendliness –          Technical SEO

Optimised Images –           On-Page SEO

Fast Site Speed-             Technical SEO

Great Site-wide UX-          Technical SEO

Domain Authority –           Off-Page SEO

Schema Mark up-             Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimization Course free - Eearch Engine Optimization Course Google

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