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FBR Test Preparation - FBR Past Papers MCQs

FBR Test Preparation - FBR Past Papers MCQs.FIA UDC Test Preparation Book PDF Free Download — FBR Written Exam Syllabus 2023 Download LDC, UDC, Steno, ASI Constable FBR Papers Preparation Online MCQs. Please visit www.findpkjobtoday.com.

FBR Test Preparation Questions with answers. Online Test Preparation MCQs for LDC, UDC, Steno, ASI Constable? Online Preparation and Nursing Assistant Jobs Paper Pattern Past Paper Samples and Online. Candidates also visit FBR Jobs 2023.

FBR Test Preparation
FBR Test Preparation

Part 01

People also ask:

Which book is best for FBR test preparation?

Answer: Dogar Publishers Books Online Preparation at www.findpkjobtoday.com provides the best study material for your best preparation. This is the result of the dedicated efforts of the site. Hope this website will be very useful and beneficial for the candidates.

Who is the current chairman of FBR?

Answer: The federal government on Wednesday named Inland Revenue Service (IRS) officer Asim Ahmed as the new chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), replacing former chief Ashfaq Ahmed.

Who is the current chairman of FBR MCQs?


  1. Mr. Asim Ahmad (Current Chairman) 27.04.2022
  2. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed      24.08.2021
  3. Mr. Asim Ahmad 09.04.2021
  4. Mr. Muhammad Javed Ghani            07.07.2020
  5. Ms. Nausheen Javaid Amjad           08.04.2020

Which of the following are the responsibilities of the Chairman of FBR?

  • Answer: The Chairman of the FBR is the executive head of the Board and is responsible for formulating and implementing the country's fiscal policies/judges taxes and duties, and ultimately acts as a reference for judicial appeals to the Board.

Which book is best for Inspector Inland Revenue?

Answer: Inspector Inland Revenue by Ijaz Ali Vance 3rd Edition.

  • Is FBR a government job?

Answer: The Federal Board Of Revenue FBR is a government department providing services to the public of Pakistan. Mostly Federal Board Of Revenue FBR govt or private jobs are from Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, and Quetta.

PART- 01

Question No. (01):  You should not just ___________ his poverty.

A) On

B) Of

C) In

D) At

E) With


Question No. (2):    ________ the night mysterious creatures prowl.

B) At
B) In
C) On
D) Along
E) All of these


Question No. (3):  Please do not get angry _________ me.

C) Upon
D) With
E) Towards

ANSWER= (D) With

Question No. (4):   The synonym of "Reticence" is:

A) Regret
B) Brazenness
C) Retention
D) Reserve
E) None of these

ANSWER= (D) Reserve

Question No. (5):  The synonym of "Vestige" is

A) Conceal
B) Trace
C) Clothing
D) Treat
E) None of these

ANSWER= (B) Trace

Question No. (6):   All properties, assets, and records of the Central Board of Revenue were transferred to _______ by the enactment of the FBR Act 2007.

B) Finance Ministry
C) Federal Government
D) none of these


Question No. (7):  The Central Board of Revenue became the Federal Board of Revenue by the enactment of ______

A)FBR Act 2001
B) FBR Act 2004
C) FBR Act 2007
D) FBR Act 2009

ANSWER= (C) FBR Act 2007

Question No. (08):    FBR is under the revenue division of _______?

A) State Bank
B) Commerce Ministry
C) Finance Ministry
D) Federal Government

ANSWER= (C) Finance Ministry

Question No. (09):   RTOs means:

A) Regional Tax Offices
B) Revision of Tax Offices
C) Regular Tax Offices
D) Real-life operating software

ANSWER= (A) Regional Tax Offices

Question No. (10):  The tax system in Pakistan is operating on:

A) At promoting voluntary compliance Documents
B) Self-Assessment Basis
C) self-policing
D) All of these

ANSWER= (D) All of these

Question No. (11):   TAMS means:

A) Tax Auditor Management System
B) Tax Audit Management System
C) Tax All Management System
D) All of these

ANSWER= (B) Tax Audit Management System

Question No. (12):   The Revenue Division was abolished in ____.

A) January 1995
B) March 1995
C) February 1995
D) April 1995

ANSWER= (A) January 1995

Question No. (13):   Salary Income is exempt up to ____?

A) 200,000
B) 300,000
C) 400,000
D) 500,000
E) 600,000

ANSWER= (E) 600,000

Question No. (14):   Table tennis is the national game of which country?

A) England
B) Canada
C) China
D) Russia

ANSWER= (C) China

Question No. (15):    How many Hundred Years Old City found in Iraq?

A) 10
B) 20
C) 30
D) 40

ANSWER= (B) 20

Question No. (16):  Which Prophet is called the Father of Muslims?

A) Hazrat Nooh (A.S)
B) Hazrat Adam (A.S)
C) Hazrat Abraheem (A.S)
D) Hazrat Muhammad (A.s)

ANSWER= (C) Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S)

Question No. (17):   Which of the following lens is used in the microscope?

A) Concave Lens
B) Curved Lens
C) Convex Lens
D) None of these

ANSWER= (C) Convex Lens

Question No. (18):   The land of Maple Leaves is a nickname of:

A) Canada
B) Germany
C) Brazil
D) Austria
E) None of these

ANSWER= (A) Canada

Question No. (19):    Red Square is situated in:
A) Islamabad
B) Geneva
C) Tokyo
D) Moscow
E) London

ANSWER= (D) Moscow

Question No. (20):  DVD stands for what?

A) Digital Video Disk
B) Digital Value Disk
C) Digital Versatile Disk
D) Data Video Disk
E) None of these

ANSWER= (C) Digital Versatile Disk

Question No. (21): How many times command of the erection of Namaz is given in the Quran?

A) 600 Times
B) 500 Times
C) 700 Times
D) 400 Times

ANSWER= (C) 700 Times

Question No. (22): The government of Pakistan's fiscal policies is related to ________?
A) Tax and Expenditure
B) Consumption and investment
C) Taxes and Revenue
D) Consumption and Expenditure

ANSWER= (A) Tax and Expenditure

Question No. (23):    Both the sampling, as well as the non-sampling errors, must be reduced to a minimum in order to get as representative a sample of the _____ as possible.
A) Group
B) Region
C) Population
D) Universe

ANSWER= (C) Population

Question No. (24):  Numerical facts are usually subjected to statistical analysis with a view to helping a decisionmaker make wise decisions in the face of _____?

A) Summarizing
B) Interpreting
C) Uncertainty
D) Organizing

ANSWER= (C) Uncertainty

Question No. (25): For symmetrical distribution coefficient of skewness is ______?
A) 3
B) 1
C) 0/ Zero
D) -1

ANSWER= (C) 0/ Zero

Question No. (26):  The method of sampling in which the choice of sample items depends exclusively on the judgment of the investigator is termed as

A) Systematic sampling
B) Judgement sampling
C) Convenience sampling
D) Quota sampling

ANSWER= (B) Judgement sampling

Question No. (27):  "Rolling of a die" is an example of random.

A) Experiment
B) Event
C) Outcome
D) Sample Space

ANSWER= (A) Experiment

Question No. (28):  The federal consolidated fund constitutes:

A) Federal Government revenues
B) Federal Government expenditures
C) Federal Government reserves
D) None

ANSWER= (A) Federal Government revenues

Question No. (29): The gas used in a refrigerator to cool water is___________?

A) Nitrogen
B) Carbon Dioxide
C) Methane
D) Ammonia
E) None of these

ANSWER= (D) Ammonia

Question No. (30): Which menu is selected for print?

A) Special
B) Tools
C) File
D) Edit
E) All of these

ANSWER= (C) File

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