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FBR Past Papers PDF Download 2022 - FBR Test Preparation - FBR Past Papers MCQs. FIA UDC Test Preparation Book PDF Free Download — FBR Written Exam Syllabus 2022 LDC, UDC, Steno, ASI Constable FBR Papers Preparation Download MCQs online. Please visit www.findpkjobtoday.com.

FBR Past Papers PDF
FBR Past Papers PDF

Part: 02

Question No. 31)  Synonym of “AMNESTY” is________?

A) Pardon

B) Judicial

C) Security

D) Assistance

ANSWER= (A) Pardon

Question No. 32)  Name the poet whose collection of poetry is called “Shah Jo Risalo”?

A) Noor Jehan

B) Faiz Ahmed Faiz

C) Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

D) Ahmed Faraz

ANSWER= (C) Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

Question No. 33)  All India Muslim league was founded in which city?

A) Multan

B) Lahore

C) Karachi

D) Dhaka

ANSWER= (D) Dhaka

Question No. 34)   Pakistan`s largest seaport is in which city?

A) Port of Karachi

B) Muhammad Bin Qasim Port

C) Gwadar port

D) None of these

ANSWER= (C) Gwadar port

Question No. 35)    A bookseller sold a book for Rs.60 to make a profit of 20%. In order to earn a profit of 10%, he should have sold it for ________

A) 55

B) 45

C) 35

D) 54

ANSWER= (A) 55

Question No. 36)   How many “even numbers” are there between 1 and 25?

A) 24

B) 22

C) 4

D) 12

ANSWER= (D) 12

Question No. 37)  A man bought a flat for Rs.820,000. He borrowed 55% of this money from a bank. How much money did he borrow from the bank?

A) 451,000

B) 441,000

C) 461,000

D) 421,000

E) None of these

ANSWER= (A) 451,000

Question No. 38)    Ahmed earns Rs. 45,696 in a year. What is his average monthly income?

A) 3505

B) 3707

C) 3808

D) 3505

E) 3404

ANSWER= (C) 3808

Question No. 39)  After decreasing 24% in the price, an article costs Rs.912. Find the cost of the article before such a decrease?

A) 1100

B) 1200

C) 1000

D) 900

E) 800

ANSWER= (B) 1200

Question No. 40)  If 10 workers can make 10 tables in 10 days, then how many days would it take for 5 workers to make 5 tables?

A) Ten Days

B) Eight Days

C) Seven Days

D) Nine Days

E) Eleven Days

ANSWER= (A) Ten Days

Question No. 41)  A man spends Rs 3,300. This is 75% of his monthly income. His monthly income is?

A) 3380

B) 5500

C) 4100

D) 4400

E) None of these

ANSWER= (D) 4400

Question No. 42)   Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, and Martin Luther are from which country?

A) Canada

B) Russia

C) France

D) Italy

E) Germany

ANSWER= (E) Germany

Question No. 43)   __________ is not a member of NATO.

A) Turkey

B) Saudi Arabia


D) Canada

E) France

ANSWER= (B) Saudi Arabia

Question No. 44)   Alps mountain range is located in which country?

A) Switzerland

B) Turkey

C) Russia

D) Germany

E) None of these

ANSWER= (A) Switzerland

Question No. 45) The science of weather is called:

A) Cardiology

B) Ecology

C) Meteorology

D) Geology

E) None of these

ANSWER= (C) Meteorology

Question No. 46)    The region of “Tibet” is currently under the control of:

A) China

B) India

C) Pakistan

D) Tajikistan

ANSWER= (A) China

Question No. 47)   Former name of the Russian Federation is:

A) France

B) Turkey

C) China


E) None of these


Question No. 48)   This man was an accomplice ________ the thief.

A) Of

B) In

C) With

D) From


Question No. 49)  The antonym of “Lofty” is

A) Talent

B) Anxiety

C) Short

D) Bravery

E) None of these

ANSWER= (C) Short

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