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FIA Online Test MCQs | FIA Test Preparation Part 02

FIA Online Test MCQs | FIA Test Preparation Part 02 English MCQs Questions on this page FIA ​​Test Preparation English Grammar and Vocabulary Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers. English Grammar MCQ test using English sentence structure and grammar.

FIA test Preparation 02
FIA test Preparation 02

English MCQs Questions FIA Test Preparation: 

Part 02:

Q 21. On leaving the shopping plaza, Kate was robbed of ____________ purse?

(A) by her

(B) by hers

(C) of hers 

(D)  of her

ANSWER= (D) of her

Q 22. If I had money, I ____________ it no?

(A)  would purchase

(B)  will purchase

(C) would have purchased

(D) have purchased

ANSWER= (A) would purchase

Q 23. The man _____________ you met is an anchorperson?

(A) who

(B)  whom

(C) whose

(D) which

ANSWER= (B) whom

Q 24. The woman _____________ is standing by the table works in electronic media?

(A) whom 

(B) whose

(C)  who

(D) which

ANSWER= (C) who

Q 25. He is looking for accommodation _____________ in flat or shared house?

(A) either

(B) until

(C) neither

(D)  both

ANSWER= (A) either

Q 26. You can go neither by train ____________ by bus.

(A) no

(B)  and

(C) or

(D) anor 

ANSWER= (D) anor

Q 27. Before designing a public park, the architect must _____________ the public?

(A)   recognize

(B) considers

(C) consider 

(D) recognizes

ANSWER= (C) consider

Q 28. When she was younger, she _______________ five kilometres a day?

(A) had been walking 

(B) had walked

(C) has been walking

(D)   walked

ANSWER= (A) had been walking

Q 29. The house is large ______________ is quite old-fashioned?

(A) but 

(B) or

(C) which

(D)  and

ANSWER= (A) but

Q 30. We need to find ______________ method to solve this problem?

(A) other

(B) the other

(C) another

(D) others

ANSWER= (C) another

Q 31. The students in our school are _____________ in other schools?

(A) more smarter than

(B) smarter than

(C) smarter than those

(D)  smarter

ANSWER= (A) more smarter than

Q 32. The number of web entrepreneurs _______________ increasing every year?

(A) has been

(B) are

(C)  is

(D) have been

ANSWER= (C) is

Q 33. Write down _______________ your name and roll number?

(A) either 

(B) both

(C) neither

(D) not only

ANSWER= (B) both

Q 34. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) burns less efficiently than gasoline _______________?

(A) burn

(B) burns

(C) would burn

(D)  should burn

ANSWER= (B) burns

Q 35. Oxygen can be mixed with ______________ gasses such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Chlorine?

(A) another like

(B)   other

(C) the other

(D)  another

ANSWER= (B) other

25. The man ______________ wallet was stolen called the police?

(A) who

(B)  which

(C) whom

(D) whose

ANSWER= (D) whose

36. The market is nearer to them than _____________?

(A)  us

(B) our self

(C) us

(D) we 

ANSWER= (A) us

37. He takes his turn, and she takes ______________?

(A) her

(B) herself 

(C)  hers

(D) himself

ANSWER= (C) hers

38. If I had had money, I ____________ it yesterday?

(A)  would have purchased

(B) would purchased

(C) would have purchase

(D) would purchase

ANSWER= (A) would have purchased

39. Kate, accompanied by her brother, ______________ at the party?

(A) is

(B) are

(C) were 

(D) was

ANSWER= (D) was

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FIA Test Preparation Part 03 COMING Soon

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